Emergency Department Staffing & Management

Relias Healthcare in your ED:

Relias Healthcare got our start with one Emergency Department that we still manage and staff today. We know the nuts and bolts of what makes an emergency department successful. We understand flow. We understand provider and nursing teamwork. Our team loves to come into ED’s, provide teams the tools that they need to succeed, and see the metrics improve week over week.

Relias Healthcare has a proven program that we use to identify and benchmark Emergency Departments in our system. We bring an on-site team to evaluate processes, staffing models, nursing ratios, and leadership functions within your ED and form a multi-department round table team that drives change from within your organization using your own team and leaders.

As an executive, you need to know what is going on in your ED and we provide monthly executive-level analytics that holds stakeholders accountable while celebrating the success of your ED.

Sample of Executive Scorecards

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Relias Healthcare is a multistate healthcare solutions company with over 300+ providers and over 400,000+ annual visits. Providers are our priority, hospitals are our partners, and patients are our purpose.