COVID-19 Update Relias Healthcare

COVID-19 Update: Week Four

We are entering week four of COVID-19 response at Relias Healthcare sites and we are still staying true to our core principles and mission. We are doing the work that we are trained to do: care for our communities — no matter what, no matter when. 

We are happy to report that we are still in phase one of our three-phase staffing matrix, and we are hopeful that as the curve continues to flatten, we will remain in this phase. The matrix is hinged site-to-site and each site is ready to take on the appropriate phase if the need arises. 

We would like to remind you that our Emergency Departments are still open for emergencies not related to COVID-19. It is crucial now, more than ever, that you take care of your health and not ignore personal emergencies. Our teams at each site have set up processes to prevent cross-contamination of COVID-19 and we are ready to take care of all emergencies. 

Last but not least, we would like to thank each of you in our communities. Whether you have halted your niche production to supply frontline workers with proper PPE, volunteered at food banks, financially donated, or simply stayed home in abidance with the CDC regulations, all of it helps motivate us and arm us so that we can win this fight together.   

For updates on the Coronavirus concerning health tips, progression and regression of the virus, or coronavirus itself, visit this the CDC’s Covid-19 page.

For updates on COVID-19 in the State of Mississippi and testing sites, visit this site and for in the State of Alabama, visit this site.



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