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COVID-19 Community Update: Dr. Johnsey’s Story

Mississippi and Alabama, like so many other states, are gearing up for one of the toughest weeks in modern American History. While the vast majority of people are working from home, homeschooling, and just trying to stay put, for the time being, our nurses and doctors are gearing up for work on the frontlines. Not only are they physically preparing, but they are also mentally preparing – they are preparing for overcrowded hospitals, a limited supply of PPE and ventilators, and a lot of very sick people. 

Since its inception, Relias Healthcare has stayed true to its mission statement, no matter what, no matter when. Never has this statement rang more true than during this novel pandemic. Last week Dr. Joseph Johnsey, MD and Relias Healthcare’s Chief Medical Officer, shared this touching message with our team:

“I remember my grandfather Johnsey who served in World War 2. He would tell us about his experiences, but only the funny ones. Even if he said something about being scared he would turn it into a joke. 

He was in the Navy and had a ship sunk underneath him. He drove a landing craft onto beaches in the pacific under fire. He was only a couple of years older than my oldest child at the time he faced these challenges. I have long been a history buff and have enjoyed learning more about that conflict because of his stories of the war. Although the world thought once the US entered the war, the tide would turn, the individual soldiers and sailors had no idea what that meant for them. 

Certainly, hundreds of thousands did not return and many times those that did return did so with injuries and memories that haunted them for the rest of their lives. We have in this nation called them the greatest generation. We have held them in great esteem because as kids they changed the world and saved millions from unthinkable tragedies at the hands of our enemies.

I have long held the belief that if I were put in such a situation, I would respond as well.  However, fate has not put me in such a situation. There was not a worldwide event that called on a generation to respond at once. There has not been an event, even 9/11, that called on all of us to rise up and do what we can. 

Today, for those of us in the frontlines of healthcare, we have our event. Fate has taken a turn. We are being called to respond. The chance is here for us to show what we might do if we were pressed into a difficult time where we know the outcome will be victory but we do not know what individual costs may be required.

It is an amazing time when so many in our communities see us, not the athlete or the movie star, as a hero. You are a hero, in what you do each and every day. I thank you for your sacrifice and your commitment. This month will be eventful and will call upon the patience and resolve of all of us. Please take care of your self and your family. And never forget you are a HERO.

Thanks for all you do — Joe”

These are the kind of providers that work for Relias Healthcare – resilient, hardworking, confident and sharp. If you are a healthcare worker, remember, you are a hero, and this too shall pass. 



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