COVID-19 Update Relias Healthcare

COVID-19 Update

On March 11, 2020, it was announced by the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization that a novel coronavirus, commonly known as COVID-19, is now considered a pandemic. With this news in mind, Relias Healthcare is staying steadfast to our mission statement: “No Matter What. No Matter When.” We are prepared for events such as these and are confident in our clinicians’ abilities to continue what they do every day — save lives. 

Providers are our priority: Our number one priority is to ensure the safety and wellness of each one of our clinicians. We have implemented a three-phase staffing matrix to adjust to each facility’s needs, and we are currently at Level 1. No providers are symptomatic, and we are able to fully staff each of our Emergency Departments.

Hospitals are our partners: We are continuing to work hand-in-hand with each of our facilities to create unique preparedness plans and communication streams. Our partnerships with the hospitals are critical during this time, and we are grateful for excellent leadership at each of our facilities that allow us to perform our duties to the best of our ability, without hindrances.

Patients are our Purpose: We do what we do every day for our patients.  Our providers are well trained and prepared for situations such as these. We need the help of our communities to follow federal and local guidelines in order to help slow the spread. If you or somebody that you know is showing symptoms of COVID-19 and has recently traveled, or come into contact with somebody that has traveled, contact your healthcare provider so they can identify your symptoms before making a trip to the hospital or clinic. 

“Our leaders have been working with the leadership in their individual health systems over the past several weeks developing plans and revising those plans as the situation has evolved.  While we understand the serious and unique nature of this pandemic, part of our purpose and mission is to prepare for such events day-in and day-out,” said Joe Johnsey, MD and Chief Medical Officer for Relias Healthcare. “We are concerned for the vulnerable patients, and we are doing all we can to be ready to care for each and every case that presents to our departments.  I do want to echo the statements others have made to help limit the spread by only coming when you truly need care, so you are not accidentally exposed, and utilize the alternative access points for screening that we are developing within each health system.”

Our team has been anticipating and planning for the spread of COVID-19 over the past weeks, and we are confident that our clinicians, hospital administrators, and the all-encompassing Relias Healthcare Team will continue to provide exceptional care for our community members. 

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