New Hire Request

New Hire/Staffing Business Case Template

To complete the buisness case template below, replace all instructions text with custom responses that apply to your situation.

Executive Summary

INSTRUCTIONS: Based on your responses below, provide a snapshot of your recommendations. The details will be flushed out below.

New Hire Requirements

Estimated Expenditure

Please consult the Finance Team on ascertain the approximate cost range of hiring new employee(s). Given the new employee requirements, it is possible to estimate the salary range by looking at existing pay bands within the organization or using a salary benchmarking survey. Include a hiring timeline for the position.

The following costs of a new hire should be considered:

  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Supplies/computer equipment
  • Training
  • Restructuring
  • Estimated start date

Evaluation of Alternative Options

Due to the high cost of hires, alternative options should be evaluated. In the case of new hires, the most common alternatives are, hiring contractors, increasing workload for existing employees and/or additional traning to fill skill-set gaps. By illustrating the pros and cons of these alternatives, an informed decision can be made as to whether any of these are viable alternatives to hiring new staff. A five-year costing is suggested to demonstrate long-term costs.
Options Five-Year Salary Costs Pros Cons
Full-time hire number of positions *average cost of hiring + number of positions* average compensation *5 years keep knowledge and control within company… expensive, may only require short-term solution…
Contractor number of positions *average contractor cost* 5years short-term obligation, lower overhead costs… Knowledge and control not maintained within company
Training existing employees to fill skill set gaps; number of positions *training and development cost per position + average monthly compensation* ramp-up period in months improved workforce, increased employee satisfaction… diverting employees’ attention from existing responsibilities…
Increased workload for exisiting employees overtime pay potentially least expensive option descreased employee satisfaction may increase turnover
Hiring Plan Checklist



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