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The Judah Marshall Powell
Emergency Department Kids Fund

The Judah Marshall Powell Emergency Department Kids Fund, Judah’s Kids, was founded in January 2018 by his parents, Matt and Andrea Powell, in partnership with Relias Healthcare.

Judah Marshall Powell was 3 years old when he died at his home on Friday, January 26, 2018 due to a sudden heart arrhythmia. When Judah went into cardiac arrest his parents rushed him to North Mississippi Medical Center’s Emergency Department where their team of nurses and Relias Healthcare’s physicians (“Superheroes” as Judah would have called them) worked for over an hour to save Judah. Matt and Andrea were the first to fund The Judah Marshall Powell Emergency Department Kids Fund in an effort to thank the incredible team of Superheroes at NMMC and Relias Healthcare. They also wanted to fund the organization to minister to the families of critically ill children and other bereaved parents.

The funds will provide Relias Healthcare with toys to distribute to pediatric patients in Emergency Departments where Relias Healthcare provides physician and advance practice provider services. At North Mississippi Medical Center’s Emergency Department, there are thousands of pediatric patients that are seen each year by a Relias Healthcare Provider and NMMC’s care team. Judah’s Kids will allow these patients the opportunity to receive a toy from their physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, nurse, or care coordinator—all while carrying on Judah’s legacy.

In addition to toys provided to the pediatric patients, Judah’s dad, Matt Powell, will provide the parents of any child who passes away in a Relias Healthcare Emergency Department with a personally drawn portrait of their child on behalf of the fund.

The fund is administered by the Create Foundation of Northeast Mississippi.

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