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West Point is a small town of 11,000, but serves as the top point to Mississippi’s Golden Triangle region, which is home to almost 130,000 Mississippians. West Point serves as a city center for the many surrounding rural communities and is home to Mossy Oak and nationally acclaimed Old Waverly Golf Club.

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Relias Healthcare is an administrative team of emergency medicine physicians operating in the Northport Medical Center, a community hospital that offers various specialties, inpatient, and outpatient services.

A part of the DCH Health System since 1992

204-bed facility

Full-service hospital

24 hour access to onsite radiologists

24 hour neurosurgery

24 hour hospitalist and pediatric hospitalist program

DCH Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program

Community Hospital

Northport, AL

Located near the Black Warrior River in central Alabama, Northport is home to over 25,000 residents and is a suburb of Tuscaloosa. Northport has a thriving arts community and hosts the Kentuck Festival of the Arts every year in October.

Northport Medical Center
Open Jobs at Relias Healthcare

Current Open Positions: 

Emergency Medicine Physicians


52000+ visits per year

Equip Coverage

21 beds

30 hours physician coverage per day

24 hours midlevel coverage per day

Meditech EMR

Behavior Intake Facility

admission rate

Fast Track