Relias Healthcare Extends Partnership with NMMC-Hamilton by Providing Hospitalist Medicine Services

Relias Healthcare is excited to announce that it will be furthering its partnership with North Mississippi Health Services by providing hospitalist medicine services for NMMC-Hamilton, located in Hamilton, AL. Since July 24, 2019, Relias Healthcare has served in the emergency department at NMMC-Hamilton providing emergency medicine services to the community.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Hamilton in creating a more robust Hospital Medicine service line. We believe the synergy between HM and EM provides an optimal experience for efficient patient care. We plan to increase the volume and capabilities of the already excellent care that Hamilton provides to patients and their families.,” said Dr. Sumner Abraham, Relias Healthcare’s Chief Medical Operating Officer. 

Additionally, Relias will also offer telehealth hospitalist services to NMMC-Hamilton. As the need for efficient and quality healthcare arises in rural communities, Relias has found a way to meet patients where they are by using telehealth technology.

“Relias is excited about the expansion of our telehealth footprint in the North Mississippi Health System. We look forward to building on the success of our EM program as we expand our current Tele-hospitalist service line into the community of Hamilton, Alabama. It is our goal to create a care model that allows more patients to receive a greater degree of their healthcare needs within their own community. We believe this serves as a cost-effective model that will deliver the quality care that the community has grown to expect from Relias over the last several years” said Dr. Kiley Shafer, Relias Healthcare’s Corporate Medical Director: Telehealth.

About Relias Healthcare

Relias Healthcare is a multi-state healthcare solutions company with over 275 providers and over 350,000 annual visits. Relias Healthcare provides hospitals with a wide portfolio of management and staffing solutions within the acute care setting of hospital systems, tertiary referral centers and rural community hospitals. Providers are our priority, hospitals are our partners, and patients are our purpose.



Relias Healthcare is a multistate healthcare solutions company with over 300+ providers and over 400,000+ annual visits. Providers are our priority, hospitals are our partners, and patients are our purpose.