Bethany Garner

Bethany Garner

This week we are featuring Bethany Garner! Bethany is a PA-C and our Administrative Director for our Advanced Practice Practitioner and EM Fellowship program. Read below on how Relias Healthcare has impacted her work experience.

Favorite things about working at Relias Healthcare

I enjoy working at Relias Healthcare because of the people. We spend a lot of time away from our families, so it’s nice to work in an environment that feels like a second family. We like working together but we also like spending time outside of work together.  Relias Healthcare’s corporate team is frequently seen in the department asking for feedback. It’s reassuring to know that they are always looking for ways to improve our department and the company. 

Favorite part about working in the ED

I like working in the emergency department because of the team-based approach to the care of our patients. We are starting to see more team-based care in other specialties. However, it is the foundation of the emergency department. In our department, we wouldn’t be able to provide high-quality care without every person in the department doing their job and doing it well. EMS, ER techs, board coordinators, patient care representatives, nurses, advanced practice providers, and physicians work together, as a team, with the same goal in mind: taking care of patients.

Most impactful career moment thus far

I think the most impactful career moment thus far has been working the night of the Tupelo tornado in 2014. I had never been involved in the care of patients following a natural disaster and I didn’t know what to expect. The team of techs, nurses, advanced practice providers, and physicians worked quickly and efficiently to take care of the citizens of Tupelo who were affected by the tornado. 

Best advice for self-care as a practitioner?

Working in the emergency department can be mentally and physically exhausting. I have started taking time before and after shifts for a few minutes of meditation. Just taking a little extra time to calm the mind. I highly recommend the “Calm” or “Headspace” App as a beginner’s guide to meditation. 

Favorite thing about your community

I have enjoyed living in Tupelo. It’s a great little town that has a lot to offer. I have attended plays at The Lyric, browsed the work of local artists at the “Secret Art Show,” and listened to concerts at Fairpark. But, if you want to get away for a few days, Tupelo’s proximity to Oxford, Memphis, and Birmingham is an added bonus. 

Thank you, Bethany, for all that you do for Relias Healthcare!



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