In addition to providing top-quality care to patients within designated trauma centers, our physicians also have the opportunity to treat trauma patients in our partnership of community hospitals. At our community hospitals, our physician team will gain knowledge treating a diverse customer base, with various injuries and conditions, in a smaller setting.

DCH Fayette Medical Center


Relias Healthcare is an administrative team of emergency medicine physicians operating in the Fayette Medical Center, a 61-bed hospital and 122-bed nursing home that provides a wide range of services.

A part of the DCH Health System since 1984

61-bed facility

8 ICU beds

Full-service hospital

Five-suite surgical department

Psychiatric admit unit/psychiatric caseworker

Five-suite surgical department

24 hour access to onsite radiologists

Provides acute medical care on our patient units

Community Hospital

Fayette, AL

Located in Fayette County, Alabama, Fayette is home to over 5,000 residents, a thriving business community, various parks and libraries, a diverse economy.

Fayette Medical Center

13200+ visits per year